“If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed”

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We carry out audiovisual production

Your video already has a brilliant idea and we have written you an exceptional script (Storytelling). And now we are missing something fundamental: the production of content.

The production process of a video depends a lot on the use we are going to give it. It is not the same to produce a corporate video of a merely informative nature than an advertising or promotional video.

Video production has common steps or processes that ensure that the end result is of quality.

At Showspot we focus on the nature of the message to make a tailored production.

But, what does a video production company do?

We do not know what other Spanish or world production companies are doing, but Showspot, as an audiovisual production agency, always chooses a production team based on the video to be generated.

Our priority is bringing your ideas to life by creating different videos through unique solutions.

We use the best tools and the professional human team necessary to carry out your audiovisual production.

Main audiovisual production services


If you have been working with us since the creation of the idea of ​​your video, then for this point in the story we have advised you with your storytelling.

Which means you already have the concept and an amazing script. However, you do not have a clear idea of ​​how it will be captured in a video ...

This is when part of our production team comes in. It is responsible for generating a sequence of images according to your script.

This sequence can be done with reference photographs, illustrations or a mixture of both that turn the text into actions.

So with a Storyboard, our team makes you a draft telling your story in images, giving you an initial idea of ​​how your video would look like.

Diseño animación para web storyboards Showspot
Diseño animación para web grabar vídeo Showspot

Motion and Recording

Now the optimal thing is that the storyboard that we've just generated is used as a creation guide.

The fun begins! Technology, idea, talent and creation come together in the production process, where each sequence of the storyboard goes from paper to audiovisual.

Your video can be entirely animated from illustrations made by our team of designers, which have the necessary software to generate content in 2D and 3D, we invite you to look at some examples in our motion graphics section. It can also be just an 

editing sequence, where our team of editors will enhance and shape your message. Or it can be a mix of both (editing and animation) where all the superpowers of the production team come together to generate pieces of the highest impact.

At Showspot we have the professional and human technical team necessary for magic to happen.

We create recordings with high-resolution cameras, microphones, lights, we have art direction and a team of creatives at your complete disposal.

We can create content in different formats and for different platforms: internal circuits, outdoor, TV and cinema advertising, social networks, and any other that you can think of, just ask us.

Depending on the nature of the video (corporate, informative, explanatory, advertising or promotional) we can do indoor and outdoor production

Our goal is to bring your ideas to life. That your videos fulfill their objective.

Voiceover for videos

Sometimes a common thread is needed in the sequences of our video. A narrator can be the perfect solution to finish shaping your message.

We have voice over talent in all languages. You can also choose if you want a female or male voice, select the age and the accent.


We will give you several options so that you can choose the voice that best suits your project.

Diseño animación para web locución Showspot