“A special effect is an instrument to tell a story. A special effect without a story is very boring”

We adapt the message
to your needs


Storytelling is nothing more than the way a story is told.
In advertising, marketing and in the world of audiovisual production, it is an essential tool to generate connections with the target audience.

How do we do a Storytelling?

In #Showspot, exciting is our premise...

We want to stir souls, accelerate hearts, connect. That is why when doing storytelling, we always look for links that awaken feelings in the people who watch our audiovisual content.

If you have an idea in mind and you don’t know how to tell it, let us help you.

Diseño icono para web idea Showspot
Diseño icono para web Showspot

Why doing a Storytelling?

The way you tell a story is essential for the message to work.

Over the years we have made people feel identified with their workplaces thank to emotional corporate videos.

We have also aroused laughter evoking funny issues of everyday life in advertising videos.

We have generated a sense of trust and seriousness in advertising campaigns and audiovisual pieces for banks, law firms, health centers ... All this because we know how to use storytelling in favor of brands


Let’s make a video!

Videos have the enormous advantage of allowing infinite options to use and develope a good storytelling.

We can make a visual storytelling that ends in a video without words, where only drawings and visual speak.

A Music storytelling that becomes a very emotional video clip.

A whole video marketing campaign for social networks, products, charitable causes and a long list of possibilities.

Take advantage of the most powerful current communication tool to get your

content. If you want to tell your story, promote your product, inform your

employees or give a message to the world and you don’t know how, we are the storytelling agency for you.

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Diseño icono animado guión Showspot
Scripts and copywriting

Is your message corporate, advertising, inspirational or all at once?

Whatever your idea and target might be, we have a team of scriptwriters who will be happy to create and / or advise you efficiently so that your message is well conceptualized and segmented according to its objective.

The possibilities are endless, a lot can be achieved in your communications with a good script or original copy.

Tell us what you want to tell and who you want to reach. We make the right narrative for you and deliver it translated into moving images.