ā€œOf all the inventions for mass communication, images still speak the most understood universal languageā€

We have all the tools to translate
your ideas into images

Audiovisual post-production

We guide video post-production towards enhancing the raw material that already we have already created through different processes that we have in our service offer.

This is one of the most interesting steps while creating videos. Here all the benefits of the audiovisual message are highlighted.

Metaphorically speaking, if our video was a cake, the production process would be the equivalent of buying the ingredients, mixing them and baking the mold in the oven, while post-production would be the cake decoration and packaging for sale .

Processes for Audiovisual and Post-production Editing, editing and compositing

Editing assembly and composting

We turn the recorded shots into the speech you need. All the footage is now organized to achieve coherent content.

Editing and assembling is nothing more than the art (yes, it is an art) of selecting the correct shot that communicates exactly what you want to communicate.

Ā Did you wonder why record the same scene with multiple cameras from different angles and so many times?

Because each shot tells a different story and depending on your objective, the one that provides the greatest strength to what you want to communicate will be selected. This is how the sequence is spun or the audiovisual montage is made.

Another super powerful tool, sister to editing, is compositing.

It is about using resources from different sources to create or assemble a scene.Ā 

Adding lights, color correction, texts, etc., enrichens the shot, thus creating much more attractive sequences.

Showspot is the audiovisual production company that will make all your ideas come true.
We love editing and composing. It is an art from which we are always learning and with which we obtain increasingly surprising results.

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Motion graphics 2D y 3D

Here we go crazy! In a good way, of course

Motion graphics allows turning the impossible into possible and it's the process of production and postproduction star of Showspot.

Imagine what you want. Anything that can be drawn and animated can become the video you need. Regardless its nature.

Motion graphics is one of the most powerful, attractive and versatile tools when creating audiovisual content. It provides a lot of creativity since almost everything can be done.

With motion graphics we can generate audiovisual content from scratch without the need of prior recording. We take illustrations or photographs previously taken and bring them to life through motion graphics.

Animation can be performed in two and three dimensions. We animate our videos with After Effects to create motion graphics in 2D and with Cinema 4D for motion in 3D. We also usually gather both tools and create awesome audiovisual content.

At Showspot we create your own universe tailored to the needs of your company or product. From sales ranking charts to twerking snowmen.

EdiciĆ³n + Motion graphics

And what if we use a little of everything? We mix all our post-production techniques for you.

This is the closest thing to magic in the world of audiovisual production. Everyone loves special effects and these are almost always the result of Editing + Motion graphics.

Thanks to this service we can record you on a chrome and when you see the final video you’ll find yourself walking on the moon.

We can make a cartoon part of your environment or a person walking with his clothes changing colors with each step … these are some of the millions of options of gathering editing with motion graphics.Ā 

And it will seem to you that this process only produces audiovisual pieces for companies whose premise is total creativity.

You do not imagine that a law firm can use these types of services.

ā€¦ You are wrong if you think that the magic of audiovisual post-production has no place whatever your company and your message are.

It is the perfect mix to attract an audience and for any type of content.